We design amazing learning experiences

for clients ranging from small business to multinationals and from primary education to university.

Our clients reach out to us when standard solutions fall short to tackle their educational challenges. We provide a refreshing approach, proven methods and impressive results.

Wheelie Pop

Dutch traffic safety organization

Using a smartphone while cycling is really dangerous. Yet many Dutch teens show this risky behavior.

We’ve created a game that trains impulse control to increase safety for young cyclists. The design of the game is based on scientific principles and the positive results are validated. This game is part of a larger experience that we’ve designed for at home and in school.

Available for Android or iPhone (in Dutch).

E-learning modules


The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the bank of the European Union and we create e-learning for and with them.

With co-creation projects we work towards interactive e-learning for all EIB employees. We, for example, convert a 6 hour long classroom training to a max. 60 minutes e-learning that consists of a complex level of interactivity.

What we’ve worked on until now: AML-CFT, Fraud & Corruption Awareness, Administrative Procedures, Transparency Policy and the ties between the EIB and the EU.

DDW: Design United platform

Design United

A platform that connects Dutch Design Week (DDW) projects by technical university students and a live talk show.

For this project, we used our interaction design background. Each day of the DDW (2020 & 2021) got its own page featuring the day’s theme. It consisted of a live talk show about the theme and its projects. You can delve into each project and read opinion articles on the different themes.

Visit the platform on https://2020.design-united.nl/ and


Wageningen University

Some courses can be a bit overwhelming and confusing for university students. StudyBlend helps them perform better.

When a course gets too complicated you need to have a clear overview of where you are, what to do next and what your overall goal is. That’s what StudyBlend does as it provides the online support, materials and cooperation for students and teachers to successfully complete the course. We use this system for our online courses. 

Online color courses

Akzo Nobel

How do you take traditional e-learning to a higher level? That’s what we set out to do for Akzo Nobel.
This is how we did it.

We covered a wide variety of topics like the perception, mixing and meaning of color. All of these topics were incorporated into an engaging and fully illustrated narrative that makes it all easier to understand and remember. Combined with a layer of interaction and gamification for a more pleasurable experience.



Loads of kids have trouble reading. To improve they simply need to read more. But what if they don’t like to read?

That’s when Yoleo can help. It makes reading a fun challenge that is playful and motivating. They get the technological support they need to start reading and the rewards to continue reading. It will transform reading books from frustrating to enjoyable.

You can sign up your kids via https://yoleo.nl/ 


Click F1

Re-integrating in society is difficult and frustrating for former inmates. The Bleep app helps them to achieve their goals.

To design this gamified app, we spent some time in prison to get to know the target audience: (former) inmates that want to re-integrate in society. They have important but complex goals ahead of them and most inmates are overwhelmed by it.
Therefore, we designed the Bleep app that helps to define their dream goals and breaks each goal into manageable steps.

China Culture Challenge

China Challenge team

Having a business in China can be daunting. This playful experience will help entrepreneurs find their way.

The China Culture challenge, with three training levels, leads you across what you need to know about performing well in China. Find out whether you and your team have the experience and wit to navigate this turbulent market adequately.

Meedoen = Groeien

Delft University of Technology

Kids who get cancer need extra support for their physical and social development. That’s what this project is about.

We designed and developed a website and digital platform that enables kids, families, scientists, designers and doctors to work together on new ideas that would enhance this essential support. It’s been a truly multidisciplinary effort that we are proud to have been a part of.



Being in a foreign country as an exchange student can be both daunting and exhilarating. How do you prepare?

That’s why the Globitrotter board game was created especially for students in secondary education. The goal is to explore different parts of the world and deal with cultural challenges and dilemmas that you come across. Win or lose, you will be better prepared to handle yourself in unpredictable situations.

Gewoon Mediawijzer

Tommie & Charlie

Digital and social media offer both opportunities and threats. Especially for kids with special needs.

It’s good to protect kids in special needs education from online threats like cyberbullying. At the same time you want them to learn to use digital- and social media responsibly. This project provides schools with the right mindset and materials to help kids have fun and be safe online.
Website (Dutch)

Guest Quest

Utrecht Tourism

Hospitality is often underestimated as we tend to think of ourselves as friendly hospitable people. But are we really?

The difference between a nice evening and an amazing evening in a restaurant depends on a great number of (small) steps. Guest Quest is a great way to discover and apply all of these steps while playing and competing both with colleagues and competitors